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In Besançon, the VéloCité self-service bicycle hire system is available 24/7: 200 bicycles distributed in 30 stations in the city centre (one station every 300 to 400 metres). The first 30 minutes are free. Several subscription options are available.

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In Belfort and Montbéliard, the association Vélocampus du lion rents bikes (€5 per month, €20 for the first half of the year and €30 for the whole year).

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Driving in France

You can drive in France if you have a European driver’s licence or an international driver’s licence (if you are not European).

Have your own car? You have the right to bring it to France and drive it here. However, after six months, you will have to have an international driver’s licence and your vehicle will have to pass an inspection.

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Tips for travelling by car if you don’t have one

In Besançon, the Citiz car-sharing service provides vehicles 24/7 for short-term rentals. The Ginko subscription allows access to Citiz car-sharing cars without any membership fee or additional subscription.

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