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Sporting activities

Campus Sports

Campus Sports is a service of the UPFR des Sports which is aimed at all students and staff of the university. Its mission is to make physical and sports activities available to everyone, including people with disabilities. Present in Besançon, Belfort, Montbéliard and Vesoul, Campus Sports offers a range of programs adapted to different audiences and each level of practice:

  • sports-leisure and outdoor activities, with a choice of more than 40 physical, sports and discovery activities;
  • sport-healthy, focused on refresher courses and weight training;
  • wellness activities;
  • outdoor activities at weekends to discover our territory;
  • sports nights (badminton night, handball night, volleyball night…)

Registration for Campus Sports is done online on the Campus Sports portal.

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University Sports Association

The University Sports Association (Association sportive de l’université – ASUFC) is responsible for promoting competitive sports for university students. Licensed students can practice their favourite activities in the AS slots, especially on Thursday afternoons, and participate in academic, regional and national competitions organized by the Regional University Sports Committee (CRSU). The association is managed by students who benefit from the support of the teachers and the appreciation of their commitment to the UEL. This involvement gives rise to various sports and cultural projects that participate in the student life of the campus.

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Regional University Sports Committee

The mission of the Regional University Sports Committee (Comité regional du sport universitaire – CRSU) is to organize university sports competitions in more than 40 disciplines. From the academy championship to the French university championship finals, the CRSU is aimed at all levels of practice. It also trains university referees in most team sports and participates in the organization of university sports events.

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Study facility for top-level sportsmen and women

High level student athletes can benefit from the special High Level University Athletes regime. It allows them to reconcile intensive sports practice and studies in the best possible way and offers a number of advantages.

The High Level University Athletes charter of the university details the 6 cases in which this status can be obtained (it can be consulted on the ENT). Eligible students must complete the High Level University Athletes contract and contact the head of training, the high level referent of their component, and if necessary, the director of studies of their component. The file and the requested supporting documents must be returned to the component’s education department before 15 October. The application will then be studied by the high-level commission, which will issue a favourable or unfavourable opinion.

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Artistic practice workshops

Want to experiment an artistic practice? To share times of conviviality, to meet other students and professionals outside of class time? Participate in collective projects alongside professional artists and contributors? Don’t hesitate any longer! The services of the University of Franche-Comté and the associations offer workshops for all tastes and desires throughout the year:

  • Performing arts: beatbox, choir, circus, dance, improvisation, orchestra, theatre, etc.
  • Visual and graphic arts: plastic arts, graphics, comics, creating coding, press design, photography, stop motion
  • Writing and literature

No prior knowledge is required, just a nice dose of envy and the desire to discover, rediscover, try out, perfect oneself…

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Cultural Places

“Le Petit Théâtre de la Bouloie”

Located in the heart of the campus, the “Petit Théâtre de la Bouloie” offers an eclectic programme, coordinated by the Crous cultural department, in all disciplines of the performing arts. The cultural service welcomes and accompanies the projects in residence of regional student and emerging companies, in order to offer them a creation and rehearsal space adapted to their needs.

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The International Café

This downtown café, located at the foot of the Canot university campus, hosts concerts organized by the Crous cultural service, as well as events developed in partnership with student associations.

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La FABRIKÀ, space of discoveries Sciences – Arts – Botany

Animated in connection with the actors of the university and the local cultural structures, the FABRIKÀ is a multiple space of experimentation and sharing of scientific and artistic approaches to open to the diversity of practices and develop curiosity. Based on the strong axes of culture at the University of Franche-Comté, the FABRIKÀ proposes exhibitions, animations, workshops and meetings around sciences, and in particular the current state of research, complemented by the arts with a close exploration of the links between these two universes. In parallel with its conservation and preservation missions, the Botanical Garden of the City of Besançon and the University of Franche-Comté is also sowing the first seeds of the future Science Garden which will integrate the Bouloie-Temis campus in 2022.

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The Observatory

The “Observatoire des sciences de l’univers terre, homme, environnement, temps, astronomie” (OSU THETA) is a component of the university which federates research in Earth and universe sciences. It is also a place of culture which conceals all the history of bisontine astronomy and the measurement of time. Astronomers, both professionals and amateurs, are happy to help you discover this heritage through conferences and events such as Star Night, the “Fête de la science” and Heritage Days.

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Major events

Welcome to students

Every year at the beginning of the school year, the university and its partners prepare a programme of events in Besançon and the North Franche-Comté region to welcome students: student village, races, concerts…

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Festival of World Languages and Cultures

This event highlights the languages and cultures of the world through the performing arts. Organised by the students of the University Theatre of Besançon, this event brings together performances by young international groups, conferences, debates, demonstrations, exhibitions and animations, in collaboration with local actors.

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Days of Arts and Culture in Higher Education

The “Journées des arts et de la culture dans l’enseignement supérieur” (JACES) take place every year in the spring. They enable students and the general public to discover the diversity of cultural and artistic achievements in higher education institutions. It is an opportunity for the University of Franche-Comté to offer a rich and eclectic programme.

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International University Music Festival

At the Belfort International University Music Festival (FIMU), which attracts nearly 80,000 spectators, around 1,600 musicians of all styles perform on stage throughout the city. These musicians from all over the world are mainly students, academics or students of music schools, all amateurs. The FIMU is organized during the Whitsun weekend by the City of Belfort with the support of student associations; it brings together 300 volunteers to lead the groups, welcome the public and manage the stage.

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Science Fair

Every year, the University of Franche-Comté welcomes the general public and allows them to discover the world of science and meet the women and men who make science today, through workshops, exhibitions and experiments.

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European Researchers’ Night

The Researchers’ Night is the scene of thousands of surprising and convivial encounters between researchers and the general public. Like investigators, the researchers will share their discoveries, their investigations but also their questions.

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Student Life Center

In Besançon

Located on the La Bouloie campus, the student life center (Maison des étudiants – MDE) is a place of welcome, animation, information and support dedicated to students. Several university services are located at the MDE:

  • the Student Life Office (BVE)
  • the Orientation, Internship, Employment Service (OSE)
  • the Continuing Education and Alternation department (SeFoC’Al)
  • a space for information and self-training
  • a coworking room
  • collaborative tools (display space, shared calendar, announcements, etc.)

In the hall, you will also find computers with free access, a space to read the press, a photo booth… Various events are regularly organized at the MDE: animations, information forums, workshops… The MDE also hosts several associations such as Radio Campus Besançon, the University Theatre or the Association of Young Researchers (A’Doc).

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In Montbéliard

The student life center “MéMO” is managed by the student association of the same name. It is a friendly place equipped with sofas, a television, various games (table football…) where it is possible to come and eat. Students can organise events there.

The MéMO also offers support to students and information on student life in the Montbéliard area.

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Support for student projects


The university’s student life office (Bureau de la vie étudiante – BVE) and the Crous cultural service support the associations in all aspects of their management and operation, and help them to carry out their projects. In particular, their role is to support associative and individual initiatives in order to make student life more dynamic. To do this, they work with numerous partners. If you would like to volunteer in an association or create one, contact the BVE at the student life center in Besançon or at the Crous. There you will find information and advice on administrative procedures and even logistical or material help.

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Financial aid

The university and the Crous each offer a funding scheme for associative or individual projects. At the Crous, this is the Culture-ActionS grant. These two grants enable student projects in various fields (culture, solidarity, sport, environment, etc.) to be carried out. The commissions meet together twice a year, with an additional commission in June for the university. Application forms are available on the university and Crous websites. Before submitting an application, it is imperative to contact the student life office (BE) or the Crous. This appointment will allow you to be accompanied in the project and in the writing of the file.

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CLAP Young Energy

This scheme, initiated by the City of Besançon and the CRIJ, supported by the Burgundy-Franche-Comté Region and the Doubs Family Allowance Fund, encourages the implementation of individual or collective projects carried out by young people aged 11 to 30 living in the region. The structures of the Youth Information Network of Burgundy-Franche-Comté welcome them and offer them support, advice and guidance to the various organisations that can help them carry out this project. The fields concerned are quite broad: citizenship, humanitarian, solidarity, sport, culture, society… In addition to the support and advice provided by the CLAP, young project leaders can apply for a loan of equipment and financial support (up to €1,800). Register on the Energie jeune website to apply for this support.

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The student initiative fund (FIE)

Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération (PMA) grants aid of up to €700 to student projects with an impact on the Montbéliard university site or on the Pays de Montbéliard. Students or student associations with projects must send a dossier and a balanced provisional budget to PMA, which brings together a commission of elected representatives to give an opinion on the application. Participation in the 4L Trophy, student parties, outings and trips for non-teaching purposes are excluded from the FIE.

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Cap jeunes

If you are between 15 and 25 years old, if you live in the Territoire de Belfort and you are initiating an individual or collective project, you can apply for a grant as part of the Cap jeunes scheme. This project can concern any field but must not be part of a university or professional framework. Projects involving competitions and leisure holidays are also excluded. You must be personally involved in the financing of the project (minimum 30%), present it before the jury, undertake to carry it out and present the results. The amount of the grant is determined according to the project. Several juries are organised each year. Cap jeunes is supported by the Departmental Council, the City of Belfort, the CAF and the Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion and Population Protection (DDCSPP).

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Students can, in parallel with their studies, build personal or collective projects related to culture, sport, leisure, citizenship, ecology, health… To help them give substance to their ideas and develop their projects, several shared work spaces have been set up on the La Bouloie and downtown campus. These spaces, called Workorama, are complementary.

> Map of the different Workorama spaces


Student Associations

A hundred or so associations boost student life on Franche-Comté campuses and offer the opportunity to get involved in exciting projects.

In order to find the association you would like to get involved in as a volunteer or if you have created an association and you are a student, get in touch with the Student Life Office (

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